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DSCF2608-2Randy Lockhart/Owner has become a welcomed sponsor to our Youth Bowling Program and Randy is quoted as saying “I started to bowl in Westbank Lanes over 25 years ago and only after an injury to my bowling hand I was forced to give up bowling for awhile.

Now 25 years later I am back bowling on 2 night leagues at Willowbrook Lanes with my wife Sharon and 3 other team mates on each night. After a month of bowling and seeing how wonderful the staff and everyone else at the lanes treated people I felt compelled to help in some way, so I approached Bob and inquired on becoming a sponsor to the YBC program.

Bob was ultimately surpised at my offer and asked what he could do for us in return, and i just said, it’s not about me. it’s about the kids and making a difference by sponsoring the program. It was at Bob’s request that we have a sign made up to hang in the YBC Corner for everyone to see what we are doing.

I have big plans for the YBC Program and all will come to fruition as time allows by providing funds, prizes etc

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