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YBC Sponsorship Testimonials

A very special thank you goes out to the Glynn Family in appreciation for the wonderful letters we have received from them. It truly inspires us to do our utmost to sponsor families in the YBC Youth Bowling Program. Below are the letters received from the family in appreciation for our sponsorship.



Dear Randy Lockhart
I would like to thank you for Sponsoring my children. Please know that your generosity does not go unnoticed. You have enabled all my children to participate in the YBC bowling program, which they are all enjoying greatly.
What you did for my family was a wonderful surpise and greatly appreciated.
So on my families behalf, I wanted to send you a heart-felt thankyou for your kindness.
Danielle Glynn

Also included with the letter from Daniel are letters from her 4 children thanking us as well

To Mr. Lockhart
Thank you for paying for me. I have lots of fun. I know I need to try harder, but I do my best
From Sebastian Glynn

To Mr. Lockhart
Thank you so much for sponsoring me to go bowling. I have so much fun and when I bowl, it means alot to be able to bowl. Thank you so so much
From Marie Glynn

To Mr. Lockhart
Thank you for sponsoring for me so i’m able to go bowling. Something I like about bowling is that I can learn how to bowl better.
Thanks so much
From Megan Glynn

To Mr. Lockhart
There were a few words (iFeliz Navida! Merry Christmas) on the coloring book page from this child, with a wonderful green colored angel with a glowing star above it, and it was signed by CeCe Glynn.

The letters from the Glynn family are very inspiring, confirming we can make a difference in peoples lives and to receive such a great acknowledgement truly defines what we are about, and we would like to extend our very special thanks to the Glynn Family

On behalf of and our sponsorship program, thank you so much Glynn Family, Sincerely – Randy and Sharon Lockhart

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